4 June 2021 Light Amplification by Quantum Confinement (LAQC) in quantum optical lithography
Optics & Laser Technology

26 January 2021 Nanopatterning of monolayer graphene by quantum optical lithography
Applied Optics

17-19 November 2020 2020 Defense TechConnect Virtual Innovation Summit & Expo
USA, Showcase: "Quantum Optical Nanowriter QON-2000"

1 February 2020 Amplified spontaneous emission (ASE) and laser effects in β-LiYF4: Ce, Tb micro- and nanocrystals
Optics and Laser Technology

2 December 2019 Graphene nanopatterning by Quantum Optical Lithography

19 November 2019 Launch of Quantum Optical Nanowriter QON-2000
Regus Rosetti, Bucharest, Romania

7 May 2019 Recent advances in 3- to 10-nm quantum optical lithography
J. Micro/Nanolith. MEMS MOEMS

2-7 February 2019 SPIE Photonics West
San Francisco, USA
Oral presentation: "Quantum optical lithography at 3 nm resolution"

22-26 April 2018 SPIE Photonics Europe (EPE18)
Strasbourg, France
Invited Oral presentation: "Amplified spontaneous emission (ASE) and laser effects in β-NaYF4: Ce,Tb nanocrystals"

22-26 April 2018 SPIE Photonics Europe (EPE18)
Strasbourg, France
Oral presentation: "Progress in quantum optical lithography"

1 January 2018 Hydrothermal synthesis of β-NaYF4:Ce,Tb crystals doped with different cerium concentrations
Materials Letters

12-15 June 2016 International Scanning Probe Microscopy Conference-ISPM 2016
Grindelwald, Switzerland
Paper: "AFM in Quantum Optical Lithography"

21-25 February 2016 Advanced Lithography 2016
San Jose, California, USA
Paper 9777-58: "Complex patterns realized by quantum optical lithography"

22-25 October 2015 IEEE 21st International Symposium for Design and Technology in Electronic
Packing - SIITME 2015, Conference and Exhibition, 22-25 October 2015
Brasov, Romania
Keynote Speaker: "Micro- and Nanofabrication by 3D Quantum Optical Lithography"

9-13 August 2015 SPIE, Optics + Photonics
San Diego, California, USA
Oral presentation, "Nanofabrication at 1 nm resolution by Quantum Optical Lithography"

21 April 2015 The 31st European Mask and Lithography Conference EMLC
Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Poster presentation, "Direct Laser Writing at 1nm resolution by Quantum Optical Lithography"

21 April 2015 3D direct laser writing of Petabyte Optical
Applied Optics

21 February 2015 Coherent exciton mechanism of three-dimensional quantum optical
Optics and Laser Technology

18-19 August 2014 Optical Data Storage 2014
San Diego, California, USA
Invited Paper 9201-22: "3D direct laser writing of petabyte optical disc"

23-27 February 2014 Advanced Lithography 2014
San Jose, California, USA
Paper 9049-63: "Quantum optical lithography from 1nm resolution to pattern transfer on silicon wafer"

20 January 2014 Quantum Optical Lithography from 1 nm resolution to pattern transfer on silicon wafer
Optics and Laser Technology

12-16 May 2013 Nanotech Conference & Expo 2013
Washington, DC, USA
Paper T5.402: "Optical Nanofabrication at 2 nm and 1 nm; Pattern Transfer to Silicon Wafer"

24-28 February 2013 Advanced Lithography 2013
San Jose, California, USA
Paper 8680-81: "Resist development for 2nm Quantum Optical Lithography"

1 December 2012 2 nm Quantum Optical Lithography
Optics Communications

3-6 September 2012 Micro- to Nano-Photonics III- ROMOPTO 2012
Bucharest, Romania
Oral presentation: "Quantum Optical Nanolithography"

4 July 2012 European Conference on Electrical Measurements at the Nanoscale Using AFM
Linz, Austria
Invited Talk: "2nm Quantum Optical Lithography"

27 March 2012 11th National Seminar of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Oral presentation: "Progress in 2nm Quantum Optical Lithography"

12-16 February 2012 Advanced Lithography 2012
San Jose, California, USA
Paper 8323-63: "2nm Quantum Optical Lithography"

14 December 2011 Agilent Technologies, UK & Ireland SPM Users' Meeting
Yarnton, Oxford, UK
Oral presentation: "Advances in 2nm Quantum Optical Lithography"

20 June 2011 Reconstruction dynamics of recorded holograms in photochromic glass
Applied Optics Volume 50

15 February 2011 Holographic testing of fluorescent photosensitive glass-ceramics
Optics Communications Volume 284, Issue 4

14 January 2011 5 nm structures produced by direct laser writing
Nanotechnology Volume 22

23-26 May 2010 Optical Data Storage 2010
Boulder, Colorado, USA
Oral presentation: "Petabyte Optical Disc"

4-8 October 2009 International Symposium on Optical Memory 2009
Nagasaki, Japan
Presented paper: "Recording Petabyte Disc"

20-23 October 2008 International Workshop on Holographic Memories 2008
Aichi, Japan
Oral presentation: Dr. Eugen Pavel
"Holographic Data Storage with Fluorescent Photosensitive Materials"

18-20 November 2007 10th International Terabyte Optical Memory Consortium Workshop
I-Shou University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Invited Speaker: Dr. Eugen Pavel
"Three-Dimensional Optical Storage with Fluorescent Photosensitive Materials"

18-19 September 2007 6th Annual Optical Storage Symposium 2007
San Francisco, California
New Tech Venue Exhibitor


  • "The WIPO Award for the Best Inventor", granted by World Intellectual Property Organization
  • Prize of the World Periodical Press Organization and Gold Medal at Brussels Eureka: "48th World Exhibition of Innovation, Research and New Technology"
  • Gold Medal at: "32nd International Exhibition of Inventions, New Techniques and Products of Geneva"
  • Prize of the Romanian Academy of Sciences for Physics
  • Grand Prize of the "Kent Premium Lights Annual Awards for Innovation" granted by British American Tobacco
  • Prize "Prof. Ing. Dimitrie Leonida" granted by Romanian Technical Museum

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