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What is the Hyper CD Technology?

The Hyper CD is a tridimensional multilayer optical memory, based on controlled fluorescence intensity. The recording of information inside the virtual layers of a fluorescent photosensitive glass or glass-ceramic discs uses laser diodes.

Characteristics of Hyper-CD Technology

  • High Capacity ( PBs )
  • Low Cost ( Media, Drive)
  • Long Term Archival Solution ( thousands of years)
  • Capable to Work at High Temperature and Intense Radiations
  • Resources for Future Developments ( over 1 PB, rewritable)
  • No Standard Restriction
  • Minor Modifications of CD/DVD Drives
  • Hyper Drives are able to read/write CD and DVD discs
  • Broad Design Flexibility ( PC, notebooks, etc.)


The field of applications for the Hyper CD technology is extremely diverse (storage, backup and archieving):

  • governmental institutions, banks, insurance companies, hospitals, libraries, museums, TV networks, movie studios, space and military applications, Internet servers.

  • PCs: encyclopedia, music, movie, literature, scientific journals and books, school manuals, commercial catalogues, etc.


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